Life Shouldn't Be Cut

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

But life isn't something that should be edited.

Life shouldn't be cut.

The only way you'll ever discover what it truly means to be alive and human is by sharing the full experience of what it means to be human and each blemish and freckle that comes with it.

- Iain Thomas

52 Week Saving Schedule

Monday, March 14, 2016

As I'm sure anyone can agree with me - money is the worst. Although I always had a job throughout high school and college I felt like I could never really stack up to my friends. I would forego cruises and beach trips to ensure I could eat the next week only to find out that, yes, I could have gone and done that one thing that one time.

So you live, you learn, and life goes on. As a grown up, especially when I moved away, I vowed to never let that happen again. Any trip my friends and I wanted to plan - yes! Any dinner we wanted to go to - I'll be there! You might remember when I started my first job over a year ago I wrote about how to stick to an extremely tight budget. But one thing I left out, because in my budget at the time, there was no room, was saving

Friends and I always chat about buying new laptops, taking trips to Europe, my insane urge to go to Bloomingdales every time I pass - pretty much anything that costs hundreds and/or thousands of dollars. Dave always says, "If you take out x amount from each paycheck you'll have this thing paid off on your credit card in no time!" Okay, U RITE, buuuuut that anxiety from seeing my credit card bill isn't worth that having something then and there. I'm the kind of person that would rather save for something and have that validation of "Oh, I worked for this. I deserve this!" I  honestly just really needed a fool proof way of saving without breaking the bank - and this is PERFECT to ensure there's a little cash in the bank for Christmas presents at the end of the year as well as a little for yourself.

I saw this on Carly's blog and everything actually adds up really quickly!

So, here's how it works: 52 weeks. Every Week you put away money that corresponds with that week. Got it? For example, Week 1 you put away $1 and Week 45 you put away $45. When looking this up I also saw it go in reverse (i.e. Week 1, $52. Week 2, $51. And so on.) Net net you save $1,378! HOLLA.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Image taken by James Carpenter

It seems like spring has sprung all over! This weekend I'm off to the lake in Ithaca with the gal squad + the boys. I've mentioned before how much I love getting out of the city for a quick weekend away, and since its finally so nice out we'll probably be gone every weekend from now until October (only half kidding)! But while I sit and plan future weekend trips in my head...enjoy some of my favorite things from this week around the web...

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Year One

Monday, February 15, 2016

Exactly 365 days ago I found myself in a Delta jetway with the attendant telling my mom and I only one of us could board (holy shit). After some shock my mom turned to me and said, "You'll be great," and I boarded the plane towards my new adventure - New York.

It was one of the coldest days of the year in New York and my Georgia self didn't know how to handle a high below 45 degrees, but here we are today - the high is 23 and its snowing again so I think its safe to say I've gotten used to it (or have I?). 

365 days together - me and my Manhattan. Its probably one of the longest relationships I've ever had if I'm being honest. That isn't to say we've had our disagreements, but Manhattan has definitely brought out the best and worst versions of myself in the last year. But if there was something I could say to my not-yet-New-York-self it would be:


Dear 23-year-old-Kate,

Embrace everything culturally different, modern, and extravagant that the city has to offer. You'll see Van Gough paintings, share a cocktail with a long lost friend on a rooftop, and find your true self which is the most freaking exciting thing about this city.

Everyone is trying to make it. That guy on the subway reading his poetry, that waitress, the person you share a cube with, even that pigeon in the park thinks he can make it as a dove. There’s something about this city that envelops everyone into thinking they can be successful. You just have to stand out and try your damn'dest every damn day.

Not going to sugar coat it, kid. Its hard out there for someone with a southern accent.

Get out there and get hungry. Hustle and enjoy this city - make your family wonder if you're acutually living in that little bedroom with no windows or if you're running around Central Park for 20 hours a day.

In New York City, there’s constant change and adaptation and more change – and it seems to happen here faster than anywhere else in the world. It’s exhausting, frankly, but at the end of the day, it’s going to make you love this city that much more.

This city will be the most jealous boyfriend you ever had. From the get-go, it’ll test you. It’s cut-throat, over-crowded and ridiculously expensive. There will be a good amount of public crying involved, and naturally this will occur during rush hour and in the rain. You should buy some waterproof mascara.

There’s roaches, rats and rudeness. Oh the rudeness. Don't think everyone you meet will automatically want to be friends. Girls here aren't like they are down South. They're rude and bitchy and will hate you until they realize you really just don't give a damn. You won't be able to have a moment to yourself in this city – oh, no. It’s loud and crowded and dirty.

But you will make the best of friends - friends that will understand your talent to always arrive late even though you had four hours to get ready, friends that will make you sure you have drunk pizza, and friends that will be there when you party too hard on a Monday. You'll celebrate friendships and realize you have a larger support system in this city than you ever thought possible.

Soon, you won’t be able to walk around this place without feeling like buildings are whispering back your stories, laughing and crying with you as you walk hurriedly by.

A year from now, Kates, your life will never be the same – or imagined anywhere else. This place is what you've been dreaming of. So live it up. 

ThAnKs FoR tHe MeMoRiEs, NyC! Here's to countless more days together.